Category: Vegetable Oil Production Line

Sunflower Oil Production Line

Sunflower seed oil, refreshing texture, it contains vitamins A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The basic process: sunflower seed leaning—shelling—crushing—cooking—pre-pressing—sunflower oil extraction by solvent—sunflower oil refinery—-filling. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Oil press section sunflower oil press machine  concerns the process of oil pressing out from oilseeds by mechanic principles. Majority oilseeds Read more

Rice Bran Oil Production Line

Rice bran oil is the most healthy edible oil in daily life.It has high content of glutamin,which is effectively in prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.1.Rice Bran Pre-treatment: Rice brancleaning →extrusion → drying → to extraction workshop. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For the whole rice bran oil production line, including four workshops: rice bran pre-treatment Read more

Coconut Oil Production Line

Coconut oil or copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It has various applications. Because of its high saturated fat content, it is slow to oxidize and, thus, resistant to rancidification, lasting up to six months at 24 °C (75 Read more

Peanut Oil Production Line

We can provide the equipments to process different capacity of peanut/ groundnut. They bring unrivalled experience to bear in producing accurate drawings detailing foundation loadings, building dimensions and overall plant layout designs, tailor made to suit individual requirements. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pre-press process introduction: 1.Flow chart: Peanut seed→Metering→Cleaning→Crushing→Cooking→Flaking→Pre-press→Pressed cake to packing line ↓ Crude Read more

Cotton Seed Oil Production Line

Cotton seed oil content is 16%-27%.The shell of cotton is very solid,before making the oil and protein have to remove the shell.The shell of cotton seed can be used to produce furfural and cultured mushrooms.Lower pile is the raw material of textile,paper,synthetic fiber and nitration of the explosive. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cotton seed oil Read more

Rapeseed Oil Production Line

Rapeseed oil makes large proportion of edible oil market.It has high content of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and other nutritional ingredients which is effectively in Soften blood vessels and anti-aging effect For rapeseed and canola applications, our company provides complete preparation systems for pre-pressing and full pressing. Inquire Now Read more

Corn Germ Oil Production Line

Corn germ oil is extracted from corn germ as raw materials, high nutritional value.Zhengzhou Qi’E Corn germ oil press process has been very skilful, process technology of corn germ oil generally includes the corn germ extraction, the pretreatment of corn germ, corn perm oil press and corn germ oil extraction, and crude corn germ oil refining,etc. Read more

Sesame Oil Production Line

For the high oil content material sesame seed ,it will need pre-press,then the cake go to solvent extraction workshop,oil go to refining. As a salad oil, it is used in mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. As a cooking oil, it is used for frying in both commercial and home cooking. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Read more

Soybean Oil Production Line

Soybean oil is the world’s largest production edible oil, soybean oil extraction machinery has four workshops: soybean pretreatment , soybean oil extraction plant, soybean crude oil refining plant, soybean refined oil filling. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pretreament workshop  — solvent extraction workshop– Oil refinery workshop– Oil Filling workshop Pre-treatment process feature: 1) Different combinations of Read more

Palm Kernel Oil Production Line

The Oil Extraction for Palm Kernel mainly include 2 methods, Mechanical extaction and Solvent extraction.Mechanical extraction processes are suitable for both small- and large- capacity operations. The three basic steps in these processes are (a) kernel pre-treatment, (b) screw-pressing, and (c) oil clarification. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Introduction of palm kernel oil extractor production line Read more

Palm Oil Production Line

Advantages of palm oil production line (1) High oil yield , obvious economic benefit . (2) Residual oil rate in the dry meal . (3) Improving the quality of the meal . (4) Low processing cost , high labor productivity. Inquire Now PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. Introduction of palm oil production line Solvent condensation system combines with evaporation system closely, and evaporative condenser and steam stripping condenser all work under negative pressure. Non-condensable gas enters the energy saver from the shell of the first evaporator. In energy Read more